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Brain Injury Lawyers

There are many different causes of brain injuries, sporting accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, slip and falls and construction accidents to name a few.

These injuries are complex and come in different types:

  • Concussions

  • Penetration injury

  • Contusions

  • Diffuse axonal injury

The impacts of a traumatic brain injury on families is devastating. Especially when caused by the negligence of another. The stress and anxiety that caregivers often feel is overwhelming. Soaring medical expenses intensify that stress and anxiety. You need a trusted ally, someone committed to you, who can advocate on your behalf.

The Romero Law Firm understands the seriousness and complexity of these injuries and cases. When your family is in need, trust the attorneys at the Romero Law firm to be your brain injury lawyer. We have the skills, experience and resources needed to provide you with compassionate legal service.

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