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How Covid19 has changed driving habits

It was early in March we started noticing significant changes in driving behavior, with the number of daily active drivers (those taking at least one trip per day) dropping by about 30% through March 22. Daily active drivers dropped down to around 40% during the pandemic’s peak in early April, but that started to pick back up by the end of the month. The number of miles driven per connection also went down by 44% countrywide during this period, and so did the number of serious collisions.

Crash detection numbers have definitely changed. With fewer miles driven, we’ve seen fewer crashes. The really interesting thing that’s frankly quite troubling is that we’re seeing about a 50% increase in crashes above 70mph. Those are the ones that can cause really serious health outcomes and whatnot. The number of high-speed crashes has gone up, whereas the number of lower speed crashes has gone down. Overall, collisions are going down with miles driven, which is what you’d expect with less exposure on the road - but people are driving differently.

Speeding is one of the driving behaviors where Arity has seen population-level changes that are very broad. On average, speed was up by a couple of miles per hour relative to the speed limit. What’s more concerning is that the data analytics firm has seen at least a 30% increase in the rate at which people are driving over 100mph sometime during their trip.

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