Recovering Compensation for Bus Accident Injuries

The Romero Law Firm is here to obtain justice for individuals that have been wrongfully injured in all types of transportation accidents, including bus accidents. The devastation of a bus accident can leave you permanently injured or loved ones grieving.

Our bus accident lawyers have the experience, skill, and legal knowledge needed to handle your bus accident claim from start to finish. Our team is ready to investigate your accident, determine liability, calculate damages, and send a demand on your behalf for the benefits you deserve. The injuries caused by a bus accident are likely to be severe and cause lifelong pain and complications. When we seek compensation on your behalf, we factor in past, present, and future damages.

If the bus company or their insurance company refuse to settle the injury claim for the compensation you are entitled to, our team has years of experience in bringing such cases to trial and verdict. It is our ultimate goal to ensure you receive the remedies you deserve.

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